Wordless Wednesday

Myles in High Chair // Life In Beta

Taking Time to Play

I can be a workaholic. I regularly take on too much, and my sleep and sanity suffers. There’s a twisted part of me that loves being so busy; I love juggling projects and deadlines and organizing it all. It makes me feel strangely alive.

Ben + Myles on the Turtle // Life In Beta

Watching my kids play reminds me that sometimes adults need to take time to play too. All too often, we don’t allow ourselves the luxury for carefree play. We’re over-scheduled and over-committed and feel guilty taking time for something so frivolous.

Kelle Hampton wrote a post last week about just saying YES. It made me smile. I decided to say YES this weekend too–to my family and to myself.

Myles on the Worm // Life In Beta

I let myself play and I let myself sit back and ENJOY watching the boys play. (Have you ever really taken the time to watch your kids play? It makes my heart want to burst with love.) Mike even made it home from work in time to join us!

The Boys // Life In Beta

Saturday we had a family trip to the zoo. We looked at everything, played on the playground, and took our time enjoying it all. We ended up being the last car in the parking lot when we left!

Sunday Ben was feeling a little “blah”, and the weather was rainy and stormy, so we decided to go to the mall and wander around for a bit. We had lunch, looked at the animals in the pet store, and the boys each got a new outfit. (Yay for a super sale at Crazy 8’s!) I don’t even know how long the boys played at the indoor playground in the mall.

Myles // Life In Beta

Part of my mind kept nagging, it’s time to go–but then I realized, we had no timeline and no place to be. Why NOT play as long as they wanted? I sat back and admired the boys jumping and climbing. I laughed with other parents sitting around me at “our little daredevils”. I let myself take the time to soak it in, and let them have the time to play till they were all played-out.

And you know what? My work was still there waiting when I got done playing. In the end I accomplished just as much, if not MORE because I took the time to play and come back refreshed. We all really need to give ourselves permission to play a lot more often.

Why I Run (National Running Day, 2014)

One of my Facebook friends recently started selling these health products (“health products”?–ahem) that are supposed to trim the inches off your waistline by wrapping you in plastic-wrap and magic chemicals (presumably). She messaged me asking if I would be interested… and I realized, I’m just NOT. I haven’t quite had the heart to tell her yet, but aside from whether or not these products really work, I’ve had a major mind-shift in the last couple years when it comes to weight loss.

I Run ...

When I experienced a natural homebirth, I really learned to appreciate my body’s strength and abilities. Since then, I can honestly say I love my body, including all its imperfections. Weightloss is no longer about looking good in a bathing suit; it’s about taking care of this beautiful machine that carries me through life every day. It’s about being physically and mentally healthy and happy so that I can enjoy my life and my family. So a quick-fix body wrap just plain doesn’t interest me. It might hide some fat temporarily, but it doesn’t make me stronger or fitter, and I just plain don’t see the point.

Why do I run?

I run because I want to have strength and endurance. When my boys ask me to play sports or games with them outdoors, I want to be able to keep up! I want to be able to take them hiking or kayaking some day. I want to be energetic and happy for myself AND my family.

Running also gives me some alone time. It helps me manage stress. It “resets” me when I’ve had a bad day. Trust me, this benefits EVERYONE.

I want to challenge myself. I want to be able to say, “I am a runner” with pride. I want to participate in fun, charitable races and keep a scrapbook of bib numbers to look back on some day.

image from greatist.com

image from greatist.com


Did you know today (June 4th) is National Running Day? I had no idea either till I read about it on some of my favorite running blogs. I’m not participating in any races or events today, but I will be enjoying my evening run tonight. How will you celebrate? Scared to take the first step? Try Active’s Couch-to-5K app (available for Android and iOS) or just take a walk around your neighborhood! Every extra step you take is one step closer to your goals.

Note: I am not a doctor or health professional; I am only sharing my personal experiences. Be sure to consult with your doctor before beginning a workout regimine. Please use your best judgement to get healthy and be safe!

Currently: Wannabe Farmgirl Edition

Tomato Plant // Life In Beta

At the tender age of 32, I’d never driven a lawn tractor. None of my previous homes had large enough lawns to warrant owning one, and when I lived at home, my dad always did the mowing. Our new place has plenty of lawn, and lucky for me, came with a tractor for mowing it. So recently, my father was kind enough to help me put a new drive belt onto the tractor and teach me to drive it.

Suddenly I feel like I’m in on one of the best-kept secrets EVER. Men complain about having to go out and mow the lawn, but guess what? If you have a riding-mower, it is SO MUCH FUN. (Shhh, don’t tell!) You’re doing “work” but really, you’re zipping around the yard, enjoying the outdoors with the wind in your hair. Hell, there’s even a cup-holder on the mower so you can enjoy a frosty beverage! (Who knew?!)

Every day I’m getting more and more excited at the thought of moving to the country. I think I may have finally found my place.

FAMILY // Ben graduated from pre-school and will be going on to kindergarten in the fall. (Time flies, right?!) I think he’s just excited about vacation and no school at the moment and he’s keeping busy with tee ball and swimming this summer. Myles is teething, getting his first molars on the top (both sides). That makes teeth numbers 9 and 10 already!

DOING // With having multiple houses to take care of now (both financially and house/yard work), both time and money are at a premium these days. I’ve been cooking at home more to help save money, and though it’s time consuming, it is something I enjoy. I’m busy with freelance and work as always, and I’m trying to run in the evenings as regularly as I can to stay sane!

THINKING ABOUT // I’ve been daydreaming a lot about the new house and specifically having a hobby farm there. I’m looking forward to a big vegetable garden and I have chickens in my plans for next year. I’m also fantasizing about further down the line having goats or rabbits. I don’t know if it will ever happen, but it’s a very fun thing to think about, and a nice mental escape from city life right now.

WATCHING // Behind the time as always, I finally had a chance to watch Saving Mr. Banks the other day. I thoroughly enjoyed it and found myself tearing up in several parts. If you’re a Disney-fan, it’s a must-see. Mike and I are still watching Game of Thrones and loving it too — but SHHH we haven’t seen this week’s episode yet!

LOOKING FORWARD TO // I think a trip to Nashville is in my near future, and though the timing isn’t what I would hope for, I am looking forward to seeing old friends that I haven’t visited in about three years!

C25K Progress: Week Two Completed

I have 23 more days till my first 5K walk. Though I’m still running relatively regularly, I do feel really behind on my C25K progress. I have no doubt I’ll be able to do the walk, but I still wanted to feel more strong and confident going into it than how I feel now.

Latest Run // Life In Beta

C25K, WEEK TWO: 5 minute warm up walk. Alternate 1.5 minutes jogging and 2 minutes walking for a total of 21 minutes. 5 minute cool down walk. (31 minutes total.)

I wrapped up week two, day three’s run on Saturday. My friend was staying with us for the holiday weekend, and she ran with me. Unfortunately, she hadn’t packed her running shoes and had to borrow a pair of mine, which were a size too small. She wound up with a blister and we wound up walking through several of the run-intervals.

Like week one, I think I’m going to end up re-doing a couple of week two’s intervals before I move on to week three. I just don’t feel strong enough yet. I’m thinking I’ll move on to week three on Monday, 6/2 if I can get in a couple more runs this weekend with the week two intervals. If I stay on schedule, that still puts me at the end of week five when my first 5K walk comes up, so I will hopefully feel more prepared.

The Bad News

Squeezing in my normal evening runs has been more difficult this week because Myles has been especially clingy and unhappy. He’s getting another tooth on the bottom (tooth number 8!) and it seems to be making him generally unhappy. When Myles is unhappy, he’s a mega-mama’s-boy. While I wouldn’t trade that for the world, it does make it very hard on Daddy to watch him while I go running. I’m hoping he’ll be feeling better soon so I won’t feel guilty leaving him to run.

The Good News

I think this is the longest I’ve ever stuck with regular exercise and specifically with running. Though I’m only on week two of C25K, I have actually been running for three weeks because I re-did week one twice before I moved on. I know it’s still not much, but I’m proud of myself, especially because I can honestly say I’m still ENJOYING it. I’m feeling confident I can keep going!


My biggest inspiration in the last week has come from reading running-related blogs. Reading stories about training, races or even reviews of running-related products keeps me immersed in the hobby and lifestyle and makes me more excited to experience my own journey. Here are some of my current favorites:

Have I missed any good ones I should be following? Let me know in the comments!