Happy 16-months, Myles!

Baby boy turned 16 months old on Sunday. We’ve been very busy working on the new house all weekend, but I took some time away  to snap a few photos of him playing in the back yard.

Myles, 16 months // Life In Beta

Myles is still a man of very few words: kitty-cat, Da-da, Ma-ma, ball, and most recently, “more!” In other areas, he’s unstoppable though. He runs everywhere and climbs everything. (I’m not going to lie. It gets pretty exhausting some days!) He insists upon having silverware to eat with and drinks very well with a cup or a straw. His favorite toys are cars and trucks that he drives around the room saying, “brrroooommmm!” His favorite show is Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and the first stuffed animal we’ve seen him show much interest in his his stuffed Daniel. Myles has taken a big interest in brushing his teeth lately; he follows me into the bathroom, steals a toothbrush, and brushes his teeth (with water only!) side by side with me in the mirror. Never too early to start good habits, I guess!

Myles, 16 months // Life In Beta

I love the back yard at our new house, and I think Myles does too! It still smells like it did when I was a kid and spent seemingly endless summer days playing there. It’s a sweet, damp smell that equates to so many happy, magical summer evenings in my mind. Watching Myles delightfully play under the same trees I swung from as a kid makes me teary-eyed with joy. I hope my grandmother’s spirit is looking down and smiling to see another generation of our family growing up in her old house.

Myles, 16 months // Life In Beta

Shark Tee, Crazy 8 • Skinny Jeans, Crazy 8 • Cardigan, Truly Scrumptious by Heidi Klum (thanks, Melanie & Chrissy!)

Weekend Wrap-Up

Whew! Made it through another week, and it’s Friday!! (I know you all are as excited as I am!) My weekend is going to be busy-busy; I’m working on a blog-“facelift” for a past client, working on some of my own web-projects, and (fingers crossed) working on the new house. Mike is working double shifts, so I’ll be attempting to do all that with kids in-tow. Good times!

Myles' New Sweater // Life In Beta
Myles is finally big enough to wear the fun sweater his Aunt Melanie and Aunt Chrissy got him at his baby shower!

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  • TINY: A Story About Living Small (available on Netflix)
    I watched this on a whim, but loved seeing the creative, space-saving homes these families are living in. Our new home is under 1,000 square feet, so I saw it as inspiration — but I could never go as tiny (150-250 square feet!) as some people in this documentary did! 
  • Breastmilk the Movie
    I wrote about this documentary earlier in the week and highly recommend it for moms-to-be!


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Medals & Bibs Display from StrutYourStuffSignCo (Etsy)

Medals & Bibs Display by StrutYourStuffSignCo (Etsy)
I got the smaller version of this, but I really loved the quote on it: “The miracle isn’t that I finished; the miracle is that I had the courage to start”. That’s where I’m at in my running “career” at the moment, and I think this will be a good reminder to keep going! I’m looking forward to having more bibs and medals to hang on it!


Mandatory Fun by Weird Al Yankovic
I really don’t think this needs any explanation. I don’t often buy entire albums, but I love Weird Al, and really wanted to support him. I love that he is still making albums that are every bit as good as he was 30+ years ago.

I’m still trying to wash it off… (A Color Run Recap)

Me at the Color Run // Life In Beta
Kimberly Sprickman PhotographyFlo-Foto

This past Saturday was the race that made me start running: The Color Run. The event was huge — sold out with over 10,000 runners. (A pretty impressive turnout for one of the nation’s most obese cities.)

Packet pickup was crazy, but they had a wonderful team of staff and volunteers keeping things moving along quickly. When I got into line, I anticipated waiting at least 15 to 20 minutes … turns out, I think I waited less than 5!

Color Run Packet Pickup  // Life In Beta

Saturday morning, I got up around 6:15. I probably should have gotten up earlier, but I hadn’t slept well the night before. The parking garages closest to the event were supposed to be open till 7:15, but when I got there at 7, they had already been blocked off. I parked in a ramp several blocks away, but at least the parking was free!

I walked to Perry’s Square, where I got to see the finish line in advance…

Color Run Rainbow Arches at Finish // Life In Beta

… and got to watch people warm up doing some Zumba …

Color Run Zumba Warmup // Life In Beta

Zumba is totally not my thing, especially before 8am. I was impressed with the early-morning-enthusiasm-level others had though! I perused the vendors and wandered around a bit, then decided to head over to the start chute.

Color Run Start Chute // Life In Beta

I don’t know how I managed to be in the first wave of runners when the chute was already so full! I snapped this picture then headed in. I happened to run into some family-friends, and I wound up running the first bit of the race with them. We got separated at the first color zone when everyone was slowing down to get covered in color.

And speaking of getting covered in color…

Color Run Selfie // Life In Beta

Yeah… I really got covered at the first color zone. It was labelled “blue” but it was really more green. Then at the after party, I happened to be directly underneath a blob of yellow that the person next to me threw. And wouldn’t it be my luck — from what I’ve heard from others, the yellow, pink, purple and red all washed off pretty easily. But the blue/green? Nope. I am still scrubbing it out of my pores!

Overall it was a great time. I was really impressed by the turnout and the staff and volunteers were amazing handling such a big crowd. I was surprised that I didn’t enjoy it as much as my first 5k though. It wasn’t timed, and most of the participants walked, so it really didn’t PUSH you. I also think it would have been more fun in a big group of friends. I ran into a few friends and coworkers in passing, but I didn’t have anyone to hang out with at the after party, so I didn’t stick around long.

I’ll definitely do it again next year, but next time I’m rounding up some friends to join me! (Erica, I’m looking at you…)

I didn’t take any pictures at the after party, (I was too coated in dye and didn’t want to risk getting it in my phone) but GoErie posted lots of good shots here if you want to check them out.

Bathroom Remodel: It Begins…

You know how when you’re watching HGTV, people remodel these old houses and there’s always all these issues that blow their budgets, and you’re like, “Well YEAH DUH.” … ? Right. I had my “YEAH DUH” moment on Saturday. (Though thankfully, not a budget-buster. Yet.)

After washing off approximately 60% of the Color Run dye from my body, I recruited my dad (and his truck) to go to Lowes and pick up some of the goodies for my planned bathroom remodel.

Bathroom RemodelSelfie! // Life In Beta

I felt totally grown up picking out “big” purchases to remodel my bathroom… then I decided to take a selfie with my purchases. (#NeverGrowUp.)

Picking up the vanity and faucet were no big thing. Loading them into the house? A breeze. Then we decided to remove the old vanity…

Plumbing in Bathroom Vanity // Life In Beta

That’s some interestingly-rigged plumbing right there, no? There are five shut-offs there — two for the sink (which come up out of the base of the vanity cabinet) and three in the wall, which are presumably for the bathtub.

I’m hesitant to take a hacksaw to the drain, so I’m going back with a jigsaw to dismantle the bottom of the vanity instead. (This is going to get interesting.)

The next fun thing? After pulling up the carpeting and walking around in bare feet, I could feel the floor is sloped … toward a drain in the middle of the floor. WTF, right? Well turns out, that’s the OLD bathtub drain. (It’s handy that my mother remembers the renovations my grandmother did over the years.) Soooooo… yeah.

So I’m left with some crazy plumbing and an even crazier slab floor. What to do?

Dad Helping with Bathroom Remodel // Life In Beta

I’ve decided not to sweat it for now. I’m going to get that vanity ripped out of there, scrub everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) down, prime and paint the walls, and put down some higher-end stick-down vinyl tile over top of the tile that’s there. I’m going to leave the random floor drain alone for now and just hide it with a throw rug. Works for me!

Once that’s done, I’ll switch out the toilet and call a plumber to make some sense out of the sink and bathtub plumbing, and hopefully re-route everything a little more efficiently. (Wish me luck on that last part!)

This is how it begins, friends… :)