Yarn Along: Crochet Scrubbers

Yarn Along: Crochet Scrubbers | Life In Beta

Reading // The Kindle version of The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty. I’m having a little trouble getting into it, but it’s starting to move along.

Yarn Along: Crochet Scrubbers | Life In Beta

Knitting Crocheting // Grandma Rita’s Nylon Scrubbers. (Hopefully these count for a yarn-along? I mean, they are crochet, but not exactly yarn…)

These dish scrubbers are a favorite of mine and my mother’s, and just over a year since her passing, we’ve finally exhausted our supply of the ones my grandmother crocheted. It was bittersweet to pull out the nylon netting to start making them again, without her here to watch over my shoulder. It is nice to see how many people have downloaded the pattern on Ravelry and used it though. Somehow, it helps to keep her memory alive.


Winter | Life In Beta

Reading // I read the last four Pretty Little Liars books in the weeks after Christmas, so I was ready for something new. I decided to download The Husband’s Secret for Kindle and I started that last night. I’ve been too sleepy to get very far, unfortunately.

Listening To // I just finished listening to Serial. I was totally late to the party on that one, but I am SO glad I went back and listened to it. SO GOOD. I started listening to the audiobook version of Lena Dunham’s Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She’s “Learned”. With the bad weather we’re having, my commutes have been much longer than usual, and it’s been nice to have podcasts and audiobooks to listen to for a change of pace.

Watching // The new seasons of Girls and Pretty Little Liars, of course!

Working On // I have two sites I’ve coded up recently for Kyla‘s clients. They’ll be launching in the next week or so. I’m also starting to brainstorm some designs for my WordPress theme shop; unfortunately I don’t think I’ll get around to coding them up till next month. (Busy, busy…)

Feeling // Tired. I’m most definitely running on caffeine these days. I’m really, really looking forward to the days getting longer as summer approaches. I need more sunlight to help energize me!

Happy About //
– Making some progress on our bathroom remodel (the project was kind of dormant over the holidays).
– Wicked Zoya coupon codes (3 free polishes free, plus 3 bonus mystery colors – just pay shipping!)
– Spending some time with my friend Erica before she goes in to the hospital Thursday for gallbladder surgery.

Planning // I ordered a whole bunch of heirloom seed catalogs a few weeks ago and I’m eagerly awaiting their arrival. I’ve decided to put off quite a few of my homesteading projects (e.g. chickens *sniffle*) till next year, but I DO want to have a garden this summer. I’m looking forward to growing lots of veggies and doing lots of canning in the fall. I’m also hoping to plant some berry bushes that will be perfect for jelly-making in years to come! It’s a really fun thing to daydream about when temperatures are in the teens and the snow is piling up outside.

Grateful For // I’ve actually been using the perpetual calendar in the back of my Life Planner to write one thing daily that I’m grateful for/about. A few things I’ve written down so far this month:
– An exciting new year ahead (on New Year’s Day)
– Spending time with Erica, Alan and Amelia
– HEAT (as in, having a functional furnace, warm clothes and quilts)
– Neighbors that help me snow blow the driveway
– Mike being home evenings and weekends to help with projects around the house

Yarn Along: Purple Socks and PLL

Socks and Pretty Little Liars | Life In Beta


I’m working on a pair of socks that were supposed to be a Christmas gift for my mother. (Clearly, they didn’t make the deadline.) I toyed with the idea of just gifting the yarn ITSELF to my mom. She’s a knitter and could make her own socks, and Wollmeise is a very luxurious and hard-to-get yarn, making it a great gift … but no, I decided my mother is a busy enough lady. She certainly doesn’t need to have to knit her own Christmas gift! So I’m about halfway through knitting the first sock in this pair. It’s a slow-moving pattern with the dropping/picking up stitches (at least for me), but it sure is pretty.

Pattern: Earlybird by Cassandra Dominick
Yarn: Wollmeise Pure in Purple Velvet


Just before Christmas, Mike and I moved our old TV into our bedroom. It was quite an ordeal to get it hung on the wall just where we wanted it, but I was pretty proud when it was all done. Then I got Mike a Kindle Fire for Christmas, and I downloaded a bunch of Kindle books to my iPhone after the holiday … and neither of us has been using the TV in the bedroom at all! (This is, of course, NOT a bad thing!) Right now I’m trying to knock out the remainder of the Pretty Little Liars series. I’m about a quarter of the way through book #15 of the series, Toxic. I believe the 16th book in the series is the last one, so I’m almost there!

5 Goals for 2015

2015 New Years Resolutions | Life In Beta

In past years, I was always hesitant to label my goals as “resolutions”. It feels cheesy, and like you’re strapping it with a label that will doom it to fail from the start. (‘Cause who EVER keeps their New Years resolutions, right?!) Examining it further, I think maybe I was afraid to publicly say I made a resolution because I was afraid to fail.

So whether we call them goals, or resolutions, in 2015, I want to:

1. Start our first vegetable garden. My mother has offered to give me her rota-tiller and I can’t wait to try it out in the spring. I’m hoping for lots of tomatoes (for canning) and zuchinnis (my favorite!).

2. Cook at home more, from scratch, with more whole-foods. This is HARD. I work till 5, then I pick up Myles, and usually I’m not home till 6 to even START cooking. But when I pre-plan and prep some things ahead of time, it is DO-ABLE. It just takes commitment and planning, which I need to do more of.

3. Run more 5K races. I’m already registered for The Biggest Loser Run/Walk in June. (That was my favorite event last year.) I’m hoping The Color Run comes back to Erie again next summer too. Maybe I’ll even find a jogging stroller and take Myles to that one!

4. Do $12K in freelance web design/development work. Freelance work over the last year and a half has been difficult because Myles is increasingly needy (and naps less!), but it’s something I really love. This is an ambitious goal, but I’ll be happy even if I get near it.

5. Continue our home remodel projects. This past weekend we finally wrapped up a few things in our bathroom remodel (hung a new mirror and medicine cabinet in our bathroom, and finished painting the linen closet doors), so it’s almost done … but there’s LOTS more to do. In the coming months we’ll be meeting with a contractor to decide what makes the most sense and works for our budget so we can make the house more roomy and get the boys into their own bedrooms finally. I’m excited!!

What are you resolutions, goals, or plans for 2015?

Starting the New Year Right

New Year Sky 2015 // Life In Beta

I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful, perfect day to begin 2015. It was pretty cold, but the sun was shining and the sky was bright blue. This time of year, you can’t really hope for much better than that.

I spent the day catching up on cleaning the kitchen (the trick with microwaving water and vinegar, then wiping it out? Totally works!) and making some pork roast and sauerkraut in the crock pot. While the crock pot was doing it’s thing, Myles and I decided it would be a good day to play in the snow.

Myles' first sled ride, New Years 2015 // Life In Beta

I found my sled in the garage (note my initials, “AMW”, written on the front). I think my grandmother must have originally saved it to haul in wood for her wood stove. That wood stove has been gone for years, but somehow the sled remained. It made my heart smile to play with my son in the same yard, with the same sled, where I’d made so many childhood memories.

Me & Great Gram, 1983 | Life In Beta

This photo was taken on the front side of the garage, next to the house. The photo of Myles above was taken father down the back yard, looking toward the back side of the same garage and the back of the house. I was 21 months old in this photo (it’s marked “Dec. 2, 1983 – First Time in Snow”) – Myles is a week shy of 21 months right now!

Myles giggled and enjoyed the sled ride quite a bit… at least till the part when the sled tipped over and he got a face full of snow. (Whoops.) Thankfully when you’re a toddler, you’re pretty resilient and bounce back fast. Something as simple as a stick to wave around and play with can cheer you up…

Myles in the snow // Life In Beta

Myles in the snow // Life In Beta

I would have liked to stay out longer and play, but the wind was pretty bitter and Myles got cold and unhappy pretty fast. There will be LOTS of other days to play outdoors and make memories. 2015 is off to a beautiful start.

Myles crashed out with Gracie, New Years 2015 | Life In Beta